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-We provide to you free membership, requiring the following rules:

-A valid email address. By registering to

-One account per physical person is authorized. One account can be used over multiple IPs (Multi session).

-Reselling your account is strictly forbidden.

-We reserve the right to suspend or delete your account for any of the following reasons below:

-You doesn't respect one of the conditions described here.

-Trying to avoid anti-cheat systems or blocking advertisements provided by us.

-Trying to cheat to earn more points or to win at any of the contests.

-Any hacking attempt on the website or on the Applications.

-Submitting repeatedly invalid websites.


-The information you provide for your membership will be used only at

-Your sensible information are crypted and known only by you.

-Your email address is exclusively used to communicate with you. Your information will not be showed or sold to anyone.

-Your information can be edited at any time in the "Members account" page. Your email address can be changed by contacting us at Support Ticket.

-You can request all the information associated to your account or ask for a complete removal by contacting us from the Contact page.

-You may delete your account when loggin in and all info added buy you deletes permanently and can,t be restored.

more about terms coming soon

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