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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the Basic Terms and Conditions

Your site(s) do load in 10 seconds or under

Your site(s) do NOT contain any pop up windows

Your site(s) do NOT contain any alert message boxes

Your site(s) do NOT contain any hidden Iframes

Your site(s) do NOT contain inappropriate content

Your site(s) do NOT contain any CPM Ads

Your site(s) do NOT break out of the surf frame

Your account will become inactive if not used for 180days

Your account will be Deleted if not used for 180 days

Your account will be Deleted if it causes our traffic exchange system any problems

You are NOT allowed to have more than one(1) account


Sponsorship is inviting someone to our site; if it registers via your referral link (available in the referral section), you will earn 0.1 points every 10 seconds that your referral will be on the viewer.

Premium members program.Refer 25 members or more and you get a free lifetime upgrade to Premium member free.And Premium members has much better benefits.Higher surf rate on surfbar,monthly bonus credits,higher affilate earnings rate etc etc....

How to upgrade account to Premium member account
The only way to becoming Premium member is to refer 25 members or more to your own downline.The we upgrade your account FREE. Add a ticket when you have 25 referrals or more with your id and e-mail then we check your account and upgrade it for FREE. This within 24 hours.

How long does it takes to get my website validated?

It usually takes between few hours and up to 24h. Validation is made by batch at least twice a day. So relax and start your autosurf while waiting for your website validation. No need to contact us to validate your site, we'll do it's a promise.

Purchase credits
We are using coinpayments as pament processor when selling credits.Log in to your account and chose if yo want buy manual or auto credits then made the payment thrue coinpauments.After payment you must add your email and user id in our support ticket.When whe checked the info from coinpayments and your info in the ticket you get the credits.This within 24 ours.

How to earn credits
Use the surfbar,promote your affilate link get 10% of your referrals credits.Promote your own surfbars, every 5 seconds when someone else is testing your surfbar earns credits to you and you get referrals when they signup thrue your promoted surfbar.If you don,t want to surf or promote but stll needs credits you may purchase the credits.

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